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Kitchen jams with
Chris Taylor & Ithai Schori

Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and photographer Ithai Schori have released a beautiful cookbook called Twenty Dinners.

Kitchen jams with <br>Chris Taylor & Ithai Schori</br> More

#feedfeed for Supper.

We chatted with Dan & Julie Resnick from the feedfeed on all things cooking and dining in New York City.

#feedfeed for Supper. More

Freddie Cowan from The
Vaccines lists NY's top eats.

We had brunch with Freddie Cowan and he gave us the hot tips on where to eat in NYC.

Freddie Cowan from The <br>Vaccines lists NY's top eats.</br> More

Supper iOS now available.

Curated by people you trust, Supper takes you somewhere that matters.

Supper iOS now available. More

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Toro Paella on supper

Toro Paella Valenciana

by Ken & Jamie from Toro (NYC)

Contains animal, feeds plenty and is tricky


Featuring 40 tracks by: OutKast, Genesis, Fitz and The Tantrums, Ramones, Descendents, Jay Z and more, curated for you by Toro, New York City.


"My favorite time of day is to get up and eat leftovers from dinner, especially spicy food"

David Byrne

Two Hands NYC for Supper

Acai Bowl

by The Team from Two Hands (NYC)

Contains plant, feeds one and is easy as hell

Music: Featuring 44 Tracks By: The War On Drugs, Kendrick Lamar, Sam Smith, Beyonce, Real Estate, Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarco curated for you by Two Hands, NYC.

Juniors Cheesecake Brooklyn

Junior’s Original New York Cheesecake

by The Team from Junior's Cheesecake (BK)

Contains dairy, feeds plenty and is tricky

Music: ★ Guest Curator's Choice ★ Featuring 40+ tracks by Petula Clark, The Moody Blues, Van Halen, LL Cool J, Cutmaster DC, Jay Z, Alicia Keys and more.

Ronin Hong Kong Highball Wiskey Soda

RONIN’s Kakuhi

by The Team from RONIN (HK)

Fills a tall glass, is easy as hell and contains moderate alcohol

Music: Featuring 19 tracks by: Love Joys, Dennis Brown, Junior Marvin, Horace Andy, The Ethiopians and more, curated for you by RŌNIN, Hong Kong.

Rum Kitchen London

Jerk Chicken Supreme

by Alex Potter from Rum Kitchen (LDN)

Contains animal, feeds plenty and isn't too hard

Music: Featuring 18 tracks by: Talib Kwell, Joey Bada$$, Rayvon, Brand Nubian, Tony Curtis and more, curated for you by Rum Kitchen, London.

Pizza East Shoreditch

Braised Meatballs

by Brian McGowan from Pizza East Shoreditch (LDN)

Contains animal, feeds one and isn't too hard

Music: Featuring 13 tracks by: Simon & Garfunkle, The Bangles, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, Chris Isaak and more, curated for you by Pizza East, London.


"We're all pretty strung out on Indian food, so we try to find that whenever we have a day off on tour"

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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