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5 Killer Thanksgiving Recipes.

Posted November 18, 2014

Turkey and Meatball Stuffing Sandwiches from Blue Smoke, NYC – Turn your leftovers into something that could be better than the original meal.


Friends Thanksgiving

Roast Ramp Mac n’ Cheese from Murray’s Cheese Bar, NYC – Bring something for the vegetarians to your ‘Friendsgiving’ potluck.


Thanksgiving GIF

Pumpkin Goat Cheesecake from Crepes of Wrath – Impress your parents with this pumpkin pie with a twist.


Pumpkin Pie GIF

Grapefruit Hot Toddy from Thug Kitchen, NYC – Keep everyone warm post-dinner with this fruity twist on a classic cold-weather drink.


Fireplace GIF

Spinach Gratin from St. Anselm, BK – Bring something different to compete with your mom’s green bean casserole. This side will definitely be a hit.


Popeye Spinach GIF

Images via Vxla.

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