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Best NYC hangouts with Neon Indian

Posted November 16, 2015

1. Brooklyn Standard, Brooklyn  “I always get my coffee from Brooklyn Standard. That’s always a really dope spot. They always have like next level breakfast sandwiches which is my morning routine: I get ham, egg, and cheese with guac on it.”

Brooklyn Standard

2. Five Leaves, Brooklyn  “That’s kind of like a date spot if you want to impress a girl, have some oysters, and have a bit of ambiance. That’s always been like my go-to jam because the food’s always amazing and it’s relatively close to where I live.”

Five Leaves


3. Cerveceria Havemeyer, Brooklyn  “It’s more street-style Mexican food. They’ve got a lot of smaller tapas. They also know how to make a strong Mexican drink. They have the best micheladas and put a little bit of tamarind candy in it which is really near and dear to my childhood.”

Ceveceria Havemayer


4. Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn  “If I want to see live bands, then I’ll take it further north to Baby’s All Right which is where we played somewhat recently. Now it turns out that spot has always been a great stronghold, amazing Thai food. It always ends up being a custodial place and always nice. “

Baby's All Right


5. Mermaid Inn, Manhattan  “It’s a really dope seafood place in the East Village called The Mermaid Inn where they have this comprehensive list of oysters and I’m obsessed with that. What’s kind of amazing is they have this app called Oysterpedia.”


6. Alphaville, Brooklyn  “For a place to get a drink, Alphaville in Bushwick is a stronghold for many friends. Whenever I just want to meet up with people, that place is pretty fantastic.”



7. Tacos El Bronco, Brooklyn  “There’s another taco spot in Sunset Park called Tacos el Bronco and that place is amazing. When I was making a record, an old buddy of mine lives down there in Sunset Park and every day after we finished mixing, we’d get tacos there. It kind of became this force of habit because the food is so amazing. They also paint these super bizarre murals all over the roof and these weird clouds in the shape of Mexico.”

Tacos El Bronco


8. Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn “If I want to see a DJ I’d specifically go to Bossa Nova Civic Club which is this amazing, densely fogged dive bar with a set of turn tables and incredibly booming sound system and great space. I’ve seen a lot of excellently curated stuff over the past few years. I believe Veronica Vasicka, who is this minimal wave DJ, did their Halloween which is really fantastic.”

Bossa Nova Civic Club


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