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Eating around town with Instagram favorite Nicole Franzen.

Posted September 18, 2015

Nicole Franzen has spent a lot of her adult life around food. From waitressing in Michelin-starred restaruants in NYC and photographing food for big name clients like Bon Apetit and for her super popular Instagram account, we consider her something of a schooled eater.


For her interview with Supper, check it out here.

These are her recommendations:


1. Bakeri, Brooklyn  “You can go for an iced tea and sit on their back patio, and they also have this rosemary, Macademia nut and chocolate chip cookie which is really good.”



2. Five Leaves, Brooklyn  “I shoot for them so I’m like pretty close with them. It’s my neighborhood spot.”

five leaves moroccan scramble


3. Maison Premiere, Brooklyn – “It’s the best oyster place and cocktail bar in the city as far as I’m concerned. It has this 1920s vibe and it’s just the coolest place. They’re also opening another space next to Five Leaves on the corner which I could not be more excited about.”

Maison Premiere

4. Achilles Heel – “It’s a little off the grid and it’s owned by the Diner People. I’m there two nights a week. There are little bar snacks and cocktails and in the winter they have a little fireplace.”

Achilles Heel Brooklyn


5. Saltie, Brooklyn – “I love Saltie. I’ll always love Saltie. Their sandwiches are the best sandwiches ever.”

Saltie Williamsburg New York

6. Cafe Mogador – “This is a pretty classic place for me. I go to the East Village and the Williamsburg locations. I love Mediterranean food so I go there and get labneh and hummus and all the different salads.”

Cafe Mogador East Village New York


7. Caracas, Brooklyn “I’ve been eating here since I’ve moved here. It is the best lunch place ever. I’m obsessed with it! It hasn’t changed! It’s consistent, you know? You know you’re going to go in there and you know it’s going to be really good and you know it’s cheap and you’re going to have a really yummy $12 lunch. They also make the most amazing micheladas.”

Caracas Arepa Bar Williamsburg NY

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