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Ghost Culture’s London Top 3.

Posted February 23, 2015

There’s little known about London based producer Ghost Culture, and that’s the way he likes it.

We know that his latest, self-titled album is now out care of Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound. We know that, with this release, Ghost Culture has carved out a unique sound amid a storm of artists working in a similar space. We know the album makes us want to dance.

We’ve also recently discovered that he appreciates good food, and good vibes, just like the team at Supper.

In a recent exchange shrouded with secrecy, we secured the low-down on Ghost Culture’s favorite London spots to eat, drink and relax.

Embassy East, Hoxton.

“This is my Local coffee place. I’m sitting there now writing this surrounded by good company, good music at a respectable level, and an amazing bacon/egg toastie. The owners Chris and Tommy and the staff Nat and Dave are now all good friends of mine, I’ve been to the pub with them a few times. Now I can just turn up and I have a tab (dangerous!). For someone who spends a lot of time on their own, in their bedroom or in the studio, this is a haven for good company. It’s my social life outside of music.

The food is exceptional. I know the menu off-by-heart now and have had everything, but it’s still difficult to choose. The coffee has ruined my coffee experience everywhere else in the world, because it’s just the best. Really fruity but dark and still rich. The best I’ve ever had.

If they did dinner, I might find myself in there all day.”

Tayyabs, Whitechapel.

“Only the best curry in the world! Every time I go there are people with suitcases fresh off of flights because they must be craving it so much. I know people that intentionally stay within the delivery range of Tayyabs when coming over from America. You can’t beat it.

Their specialty is the grill, anything from that charcoal thing is cooked to perfection. I’d recommend the Paneer Tikka, grilled almost gooey cheese in the best marinade on the planet.”

Seoul Bakery, SoHo.

“Kimchi is a recent discovery of mine and has become a love. This place does it brilliantly in every shape and form. Its very small for its location (has about 3 tables) but the service is excellent. Everything is home cooked Korean comfort food, quite spicy, exactly how it should be. No fusion here. Its the real thing. Enjoy it if you can get a seat! I’d recommend the Kimchi Fried rice. The perfect place if you need to go into London town (for whatever reason). You can also pick up your essential Korean ingredients from the supermarket opposite.

Leave a note on the wall (they’ll give you a pen and you can draw ’til your hearts content).”


Stream Ghost Culture’s latest self-titled album below | photo credit Nastasia Alberti.

Michael Wilkin. For Supper.

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