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King Bee’s best of the blues.

Posted May 22, 2015

In an era of internet-radio fueled ambience, a personally curated diamond in the rough is hard to find. That said, internet-radio background music can create the most perfect of vibes. King Bee – a creative, locally sourced Acadian restaurant in New York’s East Village – has put the sweetest finishing touches on their new digs by hiring a personal playlist curator.

Channeling homely modern French interiors combined with Louisiana country cooking, King Bee has a style all of its own. Wander down the little steps nestled amongst East Village brownstones and find yourself welcomed into a comfortable yet modern abode by some classic blues tunes.

King Bee’s playlists are hand-crafted by local New Yorker Yves Etheart (enlisted by owner Eben Klemm), who knew exactly the right person to share his musical love with his diners. How is it that the rhythmic blues & New York native hip-hop blend so well with the surrounds? Etheart immersed himself in the feel of the space as well as the menu and curated accordingly.

Stemming from Slim Harpo’s ‘I’m a King Bee’, the restaurant’s namesake is a modern embodiment of Louisiana blues culture, trumpeting their grilled oysters as the menu specialty. Music ties are a common theme for the restaurant, with feature artwork by Steven Keene, the artist behind every Pavement cover in their musical history.

As you wash down your Main Lobster Confit with a rare wine, notice the references to the modern Acadian culture threads, with playlist features like modern interpretations of Harpo’s ‘I’m a King Bee’, and classic East Village nods to Television, Blondie and Talking Heads. Feel free to Shazam, everybody’s doing it.

Stream King Bee’s exclusive Supper blues playlist on Spotify. Photo Credit | King Bee.

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