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New Kids on Supper.

Posted April 24, 2015

1. Blue Bird, East Village – A quaint hole in the wall in the East Village with funk soul vibes, serving dope coffee and excellent sandwiches.

Bluebird East Village New York


2. Montana’s Trail House, Bushwick – A cowboy eatery in Bushwick, with old school tunes, great cocktails and tasty plates.


Montana Trailhouse Bushwick Brooklyn New York


3.Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, Bushwick – Don’t let the unusual exterior fool you, this spot is legit. All your Mexican favourites are served on tortillas which are made fresh out the back.


Tres Hermanos Bushwick Brooklyn New York


4. Lot 45, Bushwick – While Lot 45 may be the place you go to get rowdy on a weekend, don’t let the buzzing vibe confuse you. Think carefully curated French Algerian street style menu full of seasonal selections, with all organic ingredients from Hudson Valley Farms and happy hour oysters at $1.50.


Lot 45 Bushwick Brooklyn New York


5. Union Pizza Works, Bushwick – This place is a cash only outfit, serving delicious thin-base authentic Italian style pizzas. The wine collection is impressive, as are the vinyls and a sizeable sunny patio sprawls out the front.


Union Pizza Works Bushwick Brooklyn New York


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