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New Kids on Supper.

Posted May 01, 2015

1. Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, LES – A swanky Lower East Side Japanese restaurant specializing in exceptional sushi and sake, with classy vibes and chill electronica music. Suggested by our friends at NYLON Magazine.


Blue Ribbon Lower East Side New York


2. Cafe Mogador, East Village – An intimate Moroccan spot with outdoor seating, jazz/soul vibes and a typically bohemian crowd. Recommended by our friend Freddie Cowan from The Vaccines.


Cafe Mogador East Village New York


3.Baby Grand, Soho – A boutique karaoke bar and art gallery in Soho with casual vibes, an extensive song list and excellent martinis.


Baby Grand Soho New York


4. Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen, Bushwick – Serves classic dishes inspired by the owners’ families, along with an edgy flare that reflects the adaptations of first generation cooks. Evident also in the electronica tunes.


Lucy's Bushwick Brooklyn New York


5. Grassroots Juicery, East Williamsburg – A modern nook with RnB/pop vibes, offering super healthy organic juices, smoothies, espresso, and light counter eats.


Grassroots Juicery Brooklyn New York


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