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New Kids on Supper.

Posted November 26, 2014

5. Toby’s Estate – With locations in Williamsburg, Flatiron, and the West Village, Toby’s Estate should be on your ‘must-try’ coffee list. Oh, and ask for a Flat White.


Coffee GIF

4. The Bodega – This local Bushwick spot with a welcoming staff is perfect for post-work beers and group hangs.


Beer GIF

3. The Smile – This cozy, intimate spot in NoHo serves up a killer brunch and ambiance by the bucket-load.


Cafe GIF

2. Claw Daddy’s – Some of the best Louisiana-style food you can get in NYC without actually heading down South.


Lobster GIF

1. De Santos – With a home-y decor, De Santos is an upscale spot in the West Village with an impressive food menu and a beautiful outdoor patio.


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