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One week of Vibes.

Posted November 04, 2014

This week as part of our #oneweekofvibes series we’ll be exploring the best modern vibes on offer. Inspiration is drawn from some of our top curators, favorite brands and most-loved artists. When we think modern vibes our thoughts instantly turn to the likes of @twohandsnyc, @abckitchen, @kinfolk and @hypebeast. These restaurants, cafes and brands combine crisp, angular design with ample natural light and chilled music to create the perfect modern vibe. Enjoy.


Here at Supper we believe that good vibes are an essential part of any great experience. We actively seek out curators, chefs and artists who believe the same. Vibe can come in many shapes and forms, and over the next weeks and months we’ll be embracing some of our favorites on Instagram, Pinterest, in our playlists and in the curators we seek-out. Images have been sourced from the world’s best bloggers and ‘grammers, all of whom know a vibing pic when they see one.

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Photos via Hypebeast, Kinfolk, Toro NYC, The Ultralinx,, AP Cafe, Christopher Elliott Design,,, Resident Advisor, The Analog Eye and The First Mess.

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