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One week of Vibes.

Posted December 16, 2014

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Winter is well and truly coming. At Supper we’ve decided we won’t be hiding away just yet, we’re gonna pull our (warmest) socks up and embrace those snowy, cold, winter vibes. Break out the heavy jacket, the boots and the bottle of whiskey, because this is happening. This week our #oneweekofvibes will feature shots of our favorite winter restaurants, bars, and just straight-up killer winter shots from our favorite photographers and Instagramers. Enjoy.

Here at Supper we believe that good vibes are an essential part of any great experience. We actively seek out curators, chefs and artists who believe the same. Vibe can come in many shapes and forms, and over the next weeks and months we’ll be embracing some of our favorites on Instagram, Pinterest, in our playlists and in the curators we seek-out. Images have been sourced from the world’s best bloggers and ‘grammers, all of whom know a vibing pic when they see one.

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Photos via @jontaylorweet, @1nv1ncible, @alice_gao, @emaritraffie, @thekitchn and Saul Leiter

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