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Supper.Guide.Ramen Lab

Ramen Lab Nolita

70 Kenmare St, New York 10012

serving food, Vegetarian

Now Playing: Banks, J Dilla, Klingande, Zhu, Bondax, The Mojos, Snakeships and more.

Open 5pm 'til 10pm.

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(646) 613-7522

Tiny Ramen spot in Noilta specializing in a small number of reasonably cheap menu items. Cash Only.


Ramen Lab sticks to the basics. It serves only 10-12 people at a time and there’s no seating – the dining takes place standing at the counter which lines the walls. The two Ramen options on offer (Shoyu with pork and vegetarian miso) come reasonably priced and hold their own against the best spots in the city. Ramen Lab is cash only but tax and tips are included, adding to the buzzing, in-and-out vibe.

We Recommend The Shoyu Ramen, it's one of two specialties on the menu and doesn't disappoint.
Ramen Lab New York City

Ramen Lab

by Ramen Lab

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