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Supper.Guide.St. Mazie

St. Mazie Williamsburg

345 Grand Street, Brooklyn 11211

serving food, drinks

Now Playing: Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Etta James, Chet Baker, Duke Ellington and more.

Open 6pm 'til 4am Most Days

Give them a buzz
(718) 384-4807

A pretty bar, restaurant & garden in Williamsburg’s south side with chilled Parisian cafe vibes & live music.

Great for when you’re looking for a relaxed but fun date spot, or a quiet Sunday cocktail, St Mazie offers everyting from a chilled garden to a cozy interior with live music, rusticly decorated to be somewhat reminiscent of an old Parisian jazz cafe.

We Recommend the Monkey Gland cocktail, which gets its name from a surgical technique of grafting monkey testicle tisue into human with the aim of producing longevity, so the cocktail was given this name in the hope of adding a little 'zest' to your night, without the Monkey Balls skin graft.... We also love the freshness and simplicity of the absinthe rinse.
St. Mazie Brooklyn

St. Mazie

by St. Mazie (BK)

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