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Whisler's East Austin

1816 E 6th St, Austin 78702

serving food, drinks

Now Playing: Allman Brothers Band, John Lee Hooker, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison and The Black Keys.

4pm ‘til 2 am

Give them a buzz
(512) 480-0781

A rustic open-air cocktail bar with live music and friendly Southern vibes.

Whisler’s is the perfect spot for a date, a dinner with parents, cocktails with you’re your friends… Actually, it is the perfect place for anything really! The 4-7pm happy hours feature an extensive menu of elaborate $6 cocktails and the outdoor seating area is usually graced by some seriously good local live music. The recently opened upstairs bar, Mezcalería Tobalá, celebrates the culture and traditions of the Mexican spirit. The intimate bar carries a broad selection of wild variety mezcals including Mexicano, Madre Cuixe, Arroqueño, Tobalá, Ensamble en Olla de Barro, some rare Espadin and is served two ways. Just a few steps away, Paul Qui’s incredible Thai-Kun food truck has your eats covered with a range of fresh Asian-inspired dishes.

We Recommend Grabbing an ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail from the bar, some Thai-Kun fried chicken and soaking up the live music playing outside.
Whisler's Austin Texas


by Whisler's

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