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Refined Eats with Alyssa Coscarelli

Posted February 24, 2016

Alyssa Coscarelli is a fashion market writer at Refinery29 and an “Instagrammer” on the side. In her spare time you can find her eating brunch and taking photos around the city, or hanging at home with her bunny, Bean.



1. Cafe Clover – “This café is both adorable and healthy. It’s the perfect place to sit outside in the warmer months and try dishes that are both guilt-free and totally unexpected — and definitely Instagram-worthy, too. It’s no wonder it’s a favorite among fashion folks, singers like Taylor Swift, and It-girls alike.”


Cafe Clover



2. Tijuana Picnic – “Head downtown for another spot that’s fun day or night. Get a group together for drinks or dance the night away at yet another joint that’s just made to be Instagrammed.”


Tijuana Picnic



3. Chalait – “For the minimalist matcha-lover, Chalait is your morning spot for picture-perfect hot beverages and yummy little dishes like avocado toast, too. The marble decor just seals the deal.”





4. Dudley’s – “Pancakes, brussels sprouts, and drinks are all the at this Australian-run neighborhood spot. There tends to be a hefty wait, but it’s always worth it, and you can always shop around the area while you wait for your table.”





5. Greecologies – “For a joint where you can post up and get some work done and just about hang out all day, try Greecologies. It’s the freshest greek yogurt (& toppings) around and it has a nice outdoor seating area in the back, too.”




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