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Roberta’s Pizza
Curate Supper.

Posted May 16, 2014

In celebration of our new Supper site (to compliment the original Supper Spotify App), we’ve taken a step back to where the journey of Supper began to highlight recipes + playlists from some of the best bars and restaurants in New York City.  To help us on our mission we naturally teamed up with NYC’s masters of vibe, Roberta’s Pizza.  Not only do Roberta’s throw NYC’s best summer parties, Tiki Disco and the Bushwick Block Party, but they were also one of the first curators on Supper when we launched.

This month Roberta’s co-founder Brandon Hoy takes you on an audible and culinary experience across NYC, highlighting his top 10 spots throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Each place on the list has curated a recipe + playlist so you can check out their vibe and simulate it at home or head into their spot and let an expert do it for you.

On the list you’ll find a new Supper favorite, Bun-ker Vietnamese located in Ridgewood Queens. Bun-ker curated a South East Asian twist to an old school dim sum plate exclusively for Supper that will have you salivating in seconds. The recipe combines prawns, scallops, and an orange plum sauce with Norwegian indie band Razika, shoegaze favorites Deerhunter, and many more. No too far from Bun-ker Hoy recommends Old Stanley’s, a new Bushwick favourite from Dr. Bryan Quackenbush Mixologist M.D. (brilliant!). Bryan is a Roberta’s veteran and the man behind the “Stanley’s Cup Woo – Woo“; a drink to get seriously weird to while listening to the best of the Old Stanley’s Jukebox.

Joe Caroll’s St Anselm in Williamsburg is also in the top 10 list who paired a Spinach Gratin with Brian Eno, Grateful Dead, and King Crimson. In Forte Green you can get your Mac Demarco on while slurping on some Veggie Ramen from Chuko, or head to Frank’s Cocktail Lounge an amazing bar where the décor hasn’t changed since Frank opened shop in 74, authentically kitsch with a crowd so warm you’ll never want to leave.

If you’re ready for dessert and still in the mood for downtown Brooklyn feels head to Junior’s, an archetype of Brooklyn before it became ‘Brooklyn’. Junior’s attracts the likes of President Obama with its creeaamy “World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake”, which is a recipe that goes back 3 generations and must be served with no other than Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Nat King Cole.  In Manhattan you might find Hoy or the Roberta’s crew at Xi’an Famous Foods renowned for their hip hop playlists and lamb dumplings, or at Xe Lua Vietnamese in Chinatown. Danny Chu of Xe Lu knows his Vietnamese Pork Chops, and also loves his traditional Vietnamese music if you can hear it over your lips smacking into the chops.  Some other places that made Hoy’s top 10 are 124 Rabbit Club a speakeasy near Washington Square Park, and Yuji Ramen a very chilled ramen bar hidden in the bowery.

As always we’re also highlighting some Supper favorites which include our regular haunt 5 Leaves who have delivered a Kale Salad perfect for the changing of the seasons, Arancini Bros, Allswell, and plenty more from around NYC.

Tune In. Eat Up.

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