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4 Rules of Thumb For Better Coffee from Workshop Coffee London.

Posted December 09, 2014

How much do you like a good cup of Coffee? If you’re like us the answer is loads. Bucket loads.

Yeah, we’re always on the prowl for spots with amazing food, music and vibe, but a good coffee can still make us buckle at the knees.

Earlier this year we ventured to London to talk with Say Lou Lou about their favorite spots, while also getting some tips form our London Supper.Club. family on the dopest LDN spots.

One surprise packet from our London edition was chatting with the guys at Workshop Coffee. Clearly pros at what they do, they were quick to fill us in on their absolute, must-do (or die) coffee commandments. If you value good Joe then get out the notepad and jot this down. Hopefully with a bit of practice you’ll also be churning out tasty coffee to the thirsty masses.

Use quality ingredients.

No matter how new, shiny, fancy, expensive or posh your coffee brewer is, the quality of your coffee (and your water) is always the most important factor in the cup. An amazingly elaborate and precise brewer simply won’t make any pre-ground, stale, three quid, past-crop, or other inferior coffee taste any better.”

Make the extra effort.

“Yes, grinding fresh, using scales and sticking to a simple recipe does make a difference. We don’t say it to be difficult or unduly particular, it’s simply true. Pre-ground coffee stales very quickly. Guessing the amount of coffee or water is both inaccurate and inconsistent. You will get better, and more repeatable, results using a grinder and scales.”

Get involved.

“Coffee is meant to be enjoyed. Once brewed, let it cool and drink it heartily. Drink lots of different things. Make notes about what you do or don’t like. Don’t apologise for your palate or preferences. Take it seriously enough to have fun and brew well, just don’t be the boring coffee guy at dinner parties. (No-one likes that guy.)”

Our Aeropress Recipe: 

You’ll need:
17 grams (.5 Oz.) Fresh Whole Bean Coffee
350 grams (12 Oz.) Filtered or Bottled Water
1 Aeropress With Paper Filter
1 Kettle
1 Stirrer
1 Digital Scale and Timer
1 Mug, or Cup and Decanter

The Technique:

1. Fill your kettle with 350 grams (12 Oz.) of freshly filtered or bottled water, and set to boil.

2. Place a filter paper into the holder. Assemble the Aeropress and rinse with 100g of hot water.

3. Discard rinsing water from the decanter, ensuring the filter remains neatly in place.

4. Weigh out and grind 17 grams (.5 Oz.) of coffee and tip into the body chamber of the Aeropress.

5. Set your Aeropress onto a mug or decanter and both onto the scale. Tare the scale to zero.

6. Start your timer, and quickly pour 250 grams (9 Oz.) of water, ensuring all the coffee is wet and mixed.

7. Stir gently, and then place the piston into the chamber. Ensure the gasket makes a seal.

8. At 2:00, remove the piston and stir briefly. Carefully lift everything off the scale.

9. Replace the piston and plunge slowly and gently. Aim for a total brew time of 2:30 – 3:00.


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