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Supper Live: The ‘Waze’ of restaurant hunting.

Posted March 18, 2016

Put simply, Supper has had an insanely busy year!


Since Supper’s iOS launch at SXSW last March, we’ve had a hugely successful year, partnering with global brands like Spotify, SXSW, Soho House and Fun Fun Fun Fest to bring good food and killer vibes to the vast community in New York and Austin. We also launched our ‘Curated Event Series’ with Soho House, a collaboration that saw us partner with New York restaurant favorites Two Hands, Bun-Ker Vietnamese and Maison Première to bring the Supper experience to life in an unforgettably fun and communal way.

All the while, our team have also been busy working on new features to enrich the Supper experience. After adding ‘Map View,’ ‘Curator Profiles’ the ability to share your fave places with friends and over 500 venues in New York and Austin, we’ve saved our most exciting feature for last.

Introducing ‘Supper Live’; the ‘Waze’ of restaurant hunting, exclusive to Supper.

Improve your social life on a busy Saturday night by finding out what the vibe is like right now at your favorite restaurant, cafe or bar, all on-the-go or in the comfort of your own home.

‘Live’ also lets you live in the moment and experience only the best aspects of a night out. No more waiting at booked-out restaurants and the back-and-forth between between bars, trying to find the right vibe for you and your group.

And you can update a place’s mood or vibe anonymously in real-time, helping the Supper community make smarter decisions about where to go and when, based on real-time user generated feedback. Simply tap on the emotive icons to share a venue’s vibe with other Supper users. Tell your fellow Supper users if the vibe is ‘perfect,’ ‘party,’ or ‘there’s a wait.’


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