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Supper’s Guide to the best Asian Food in Sydney

Posted January 09, 2015

Down Under isn’t just popular for it’s laid back beach culture, good coffee and gorgeous natural expanses. Asian food in Sydney is some of the best (and our favorite) outside of Asia. Here is your MUST-GO list when in Sydney, simply beware the queue.


Already featured on Supper, you know we love Mamak in Sydney. Trust us, it is well worth joining the queue you can see snaking down the street to the Chinatown gates. It moves faster than you think, and you can watch the talented Malaysian chefs spinning roti through the window to pass the time. While we could simply just eat roti after roti here, the curries are all amazing too, but best of all, their playlists are all time.

Golden Century (Loved by Momofuku’s David Chang)

In our opinion, Sydney’s best late night spot. Come for a la carte Chinese food any time from Noon to 4am (a rarity for awesome dining in Sydney). In your night-end stupor, sit in the bright light amongst equally as stupor-ed Sydney diners craving excellent quality, hearty Chinese food and dine finely.

Chinese Noodle House

We actually don’t really want to tell you this one because the line will only get longer, but Chinese Noodle House in Sydney’s Chinatown is one of Sydney best kept secrets. We come back time and time again to this tiny spot which is always full, for their amazing (and cheap) dumplings (especially the Pork and Chive) and the ‘Special Eggplant’ (braised and marinated in a sauce that is to die for).

Marigold (Dim Sum)

Legitimate Dim Sum. Seated under chandeliers in a huge open restaurant with never ending carts for the traditional Yum Cha (Aussie for Dim Sum) period of 10am – 3pm, you can dine on everything from simple dumplings to chicken feet and pigs ears as fast or as slow as you like.

Ryo’s Noodles

Our favorite Ramen in Sydney. It’s not in right in the city center, but it’s well worth a short bus or taxi over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to enjoy noodles rumored to be coveted by famous Sydney chef Tetsuya. It’s small, so just look out for the Japanese curtains and a small line out front.

Photo Credit | Jenishungry, Jugernauts, Grab Your Fork, Phu Tang


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