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TEEBS for Supper.

Posted June 20, 2014


We are over the moon to have one of our favorite artists pulling the strings this month on Supper. Teebs (aka Mtendere Mandowa) is one of Los Angeles’ most respected new talents; his latest album ESTARA was released this year through Brainfeeder and has made big waves.

We often find ourselves turning to Teebs’ ethereal, experimental, instrumental hip hop beats to relax the vibes, so it was only natural that we would reach-out and ask the man himself where he loves to eat and chill in his hometown L.A.

Teebs pointed us in the direction of a new venture which is doing all the right things on the West Coast. LASA is a Filipino restaurant with a concept that is simple, calculated, and beautifully crafted. The two brothers behind LASA started it with a vision to bring the essence and comfort of their native cuisine to a people generally unfamiliar with this kind of food.

Teebs gave us the tip that LASA is “the best new pop up to arrive in Los Angeles…besides the ingenious twists on traditional Filipino dishes, they have great local musicians selecting tracks for your dining experience. You might catch me there playing records.. Seats fill up fast so you have to reserve early.”

So when LASA gave Supper the keys to their ‘San Miguel Steamed Manila Clams with Housemade Longanisa‘ dish and paired it with 35 carefully selected tracks for in the kitchen and at the table, we were ecstatic. Check out the 11 step recipe and matching playlists now on Supper.

Here is Teebs’ latest album – ESTARA.



Image 1 / VKConcerts

Image 2 / Theo Jemison

Image 4 / Eric Coleman for Mochilla

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