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Freddie Cowan from The Vaccines lists NY’s finest eats.

Posted May 18, 2015

5. Lucien, East Village – This gorgeous little bistro in the East Village is brimming with class, comfort, familiarity and flair. The French style menu doesn’t stray too far from the classics – think steak frites, moules marinieres and tart tatin.


Lucien East Village New York

4. GG’s, East Village – While pizza is obviously the hero, the meatballs are delicious and the sides creative. Think dandelion salad with walnuts and brown butter.


GG's East Village New York

3. Omen, Soho – A classy Japanese spot in Soho, with serene jazz vibes and fine Kyoto-style hot dishes plus sashimi.


Omen South Village New York


2. Kyo Ya, East Village – To enter, you need to descend a dodgy looking flight of concrete stairs before you realise you are in face in the right place – a glorious oriental haven decked out somewhat like a fancy onsen. The food is out of this world too – think grilled anago sea eel and yuba with gobo sauce.


Kyo Ya East Village New York


1. Cafe Mogador, East Village – With view of the cosmopolitan East Village scenery and some seriously delicious Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, there is no wonder as to why this place is a local landmark.


Cafe Mogador East Village New York


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