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TOKiMONSTA’s top L.A eat & drink spots.

Posted November 04, 2014

Local knowledge is like gold. Especially when it comes to quality places to eat, drink and soak up good vibes with friends. Jennifer Lee (aka TOKiMONSTA) isn’t just an extremely talented and respected DJ and producer in L.A’s infamous and thriving experimental beat scene – she’s also an avid food lover. With a series caché of knowledge on L.A’s local food haunts, we were pumped to be able to pick Lee’s brains about her favorite local spots.

1. Pot inside the Line Hotel

Roy Choi is a driving force in LA eating and his restaurant Pot is comforting and innovative. It’s his take on Korean large pot stews traditionally served at the table. He also has other dishes–my new fav is his take ony ddukbokki.  It’s traditionally tube shaped rice cakes in a sweet spicy sauce. His version has the rice cakes crunchy on the outside and doughy inside.

2. El Flaming Taco

Located in a car wash parking lot after 8pm, lies one of the best taco joints. You can get huitlacoche (blue corn fungus) tacos, squash blossom quesadilla, the best al pastor etc. lots of great salsas.

3. Saint Martha

New place that opened up on my block in Koreatown.  Located in a very nondescript plaza next to a small bakery and all state insurance. Delicious small plates and great wine selection. You can get all their wines as a tasting, glass, or bottle. The steak and oyster tartar with marrow filled beignets are amazing.

4. Honda YA

I’m a big fan of stationary drinking and good. Honda YA is an izakaya in little Tokyo with a great selection of small dishes, sushi and yakitori. I really enjoy the chill atmosphere. I’d recommend the buta kaku and men mochi.

5. Myung dong kyoja

My go to noodle place in Koreatown. They specialize in “kal guksu” which translates to knife noodles. Basically great homemade noodles in a thick chicken broth with some veggies and black fungus. The dumplings are on point too (not to be compared to something like xiao long bao though).

Stream TOKiMONSTA’s latest album ‘Desiderium’ below. Photo Credit | Beatport, Red Bull, Eugene Yi/KoreAm.

By Michael Wilkin. For Supper.

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