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Your Supper Guide To The Spotify House At SXSW 2015.

Posted March 14, 2015

At Supper, it’s safe to say we like beets. We also really love beats. Even better is eating beets while listening to beats.

Which is exactly what we’ll be doing down in Austin this week for the launch of the Supper mobile app.

With the help of some of our favorite creative pals, we’ve had the tough* task of curating NY and Austin’s best eats into one super user-friendly platform – where you can filter results by vibe or mood. *Read: Awesome.

Now, we all get a bit hangry from time to time. You know that feeling, like you could actually grab a fork and stab it into your eye if you have to wait one more second to eat? Yeah, that’s hangry – a clever yuppie amalgamation that essentially means you are so intensely hungry you are driven into a demonic rage.

WE WANT NO HANGRINESS AT SXSW – party vibes only ya’ll hear?! Which is why Supper has teamed up with good friends Spotify to curate the eats at The Spotify House. With so many options daily under one roof, we get it’s a tyranny of choice. Don’t sweat, we compiled a Spotify House game plan for you.

  • Day one is all about 5:00 pm when Run the Jewels take center stage.
  • Your Tuesday’s got to involve a gourmet sandwich from Noble Sandwiches and some pop-infused beats with our favorite Seattle duo, ODESZA.
  • Day three is all about a virtuous start to the day. Bring your towel and sweat it out with Soul Cycle and Jonathan Toubin before hitting up some espresso and a healthy breakfast with Two Hands.
  • If on Thursday the thought of waking up before 9:00am gives you the cold sweats, maybe skip the ride and grab some killer home fries from Paul Qui’s East Side King. Honestly, it’s for your own good. Make sure you pop back in the evening for an awesome set with Hudson Mohawke.
  • On your final day, commiserate the end of SXSW by chowing down and basking in the glory of Joey Bada$$.

We guarantee The Spotify House will be a feast for all your senses. So drop by and hang with us while you refresh and refuel, from March 14-20. RSVP’s for The Spotify House are now open, and you can register your interest here.

Download the Supper app for iPhone here.























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